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What to do with a frizzy hair affected by moisture in Barcelona?

Vladimir Blagojevic, a hairstylist with a 25-year experience, from “V” Style Studio Barcelona, has shared the best hack for making your hair look amazing.

Vladimir, why hair frizz happens?

It may happen as a result of several reasons:

  1. Due to air humidity.
  2. Because people do not use ‘no frizz’ hair products.
  3. Due to weather issues, such as windy or warm days, strong sun, salty water.
  4. Also due the fact that Barcelona’s water is quite soft.

What can save any type of hair?

Firstly, using a combination of these 3 products shampoo, mask and conditioner.

Secondly, styling your hair with ‘no frizz’ hair products. Hair spray is most recommended. Why? Despite the “3-product combination treatment”, hair cuticle is still a bit open, so when you apply spray on your hair, you apply it evenly and finally close the hair cuticle completely.

And finally, it is recommended that after every 2 times washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you also use nourishing hair mask. Keep it on 15 minutes and rinse. This is how you can nurture your hair with algae, vitamins and minerals. In addition, use hair oil.

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Photographer: Silvio Cassano // Instagram: @silvio.cassano

Model: Mila Markovic // Instagram: @milamarkoviccc

Fashion styling: Isa Cofreces // Instagram: @isa_cofreces

Makeup: Zana Cesnik

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