Please, read exciting testimonials from the brides.

Please, read exciting testimonials
from the brides.


BRIDE-TO-BE, happy to get to know you, your love story and all about your wedding requirements.

Be astonishing, but still look like yourself on your wedding day.

How do you really want to look and feel on your wedding day?

I would recommend you to be the best version of yourself. Look and feel the most beautiful you’ve ever been. To achieve this, I would strongly recommend you to do a trial wedding makeup, where you explain your wishes to your makeup artist.

What’s even more interesting is having a wedding trial, where you are able to complete your look as on your wedding day. This means that you put together your beauty team on the same day. After a bridal makeover, jump into your wedding dress and ask yourself honestly if this is how you’d like to feel and look on your wedding day.