What do you need to plan a wedding?

slovenian wedding

I asked OrganizeMyWeddingDay.com!

They are a young team of men and women that dealt with self organizing of their own weddings and had seen this is not an easy thing to do, therefore they decided to write down a complete wedding plan. They got information from the best wedding planners, hairdressers, caterings … in order to write down the exact what-to-do-when-wedding-plan.

OrganizeMyWeddingDay.com team has created a wedding plan that will help you independently organize the event with every step – from your engagement to your honeymoon, from your wedding dress to a magnificent fireworks display or ice sculptures.

And we will do that free of charge just to help you have your perfect day!

Their web page is also perfect for:

– wedding guests (to be invited to a wedding is no joke). Preparations are necessary, appropriate attire must be selected, and then paired with a suitable pair of shoes, the make-up, a hairdo, and last but not least, the happy couple must receive a wedding gift.) and

– all celebrates who are organizing a party, celebrating a birthday, an anniversary …

How do you help organize wedding to a newly engaged couples?

Follow the plan at http://www.organizemyweddingday.com/ and sleep well 😉

Company OrganizeMyWeddingDay.com is from Slovenia, my home country, so I asked about typical slovenian wedding?

It is diffucult to talk about typical Slovene wedding. It used to be: starting at broom and bride at home, broom coming to the bride with all the guests, some jokes at the door and then civil wedding, church wedding and a party at the restaurant.

But nowdays things are changing. More and more young couples get married on some romantic island and then just organize a picnic for all the guests, then there are weddings that take 2 days, all guests staying in one place or there are weddings that start with civil ceremony and countinue in a hotel or a restaurant … as young couple feels and wants.

Favorite wedding locations in Slovenia?

More and more couples are reasonable with the location – somewhere near their homes. But it has to be as in fairy tale: white chairs, green grass, beautiful place to take pictures … that is not so hard to find in Slovenia.

How can you describe a typical slovenian bride?

Dressed in white.

To have a perfect day. To look and feel perfect.


  • Plan your wedding budget.
  • Read the wedding plan at http://www.organizemyweddingday.com/ and choose what you want.
  • Take your time and read the information on the web page and in the wedding magazines.
  • Follow your hart and stay reasonable.
  • Enjoy the planning!