About #womenempowerment and #makeup with a photographer Natalia Wisniewska

natalia photography

Natalia, tell us more about your dream project?

Ever since I can remember, I always loved taking photos and keeping the memories. I have lots of photos and album from my school years. Photos of friends, holidays and places I visited. There was something captivating about freezing the moment. A moment that will never come back, that will never be the same. I guess I’m a bit of a nostalgic soul 🙂 Becoming a photographer was a natural path for me, even though it took me years of doing all sorts of other jobs to finally take the leap of faith and make it a business. I worked in restaurants, in finance, in marketing and in journalism. It was a curvy road, but now I can see that all of those experiences made me who I am now and also helped me in my photography business. 

What’s your photography style?

I take photos of couples, document marriage proposals, weddings and events and also do portraiture and fashion. I have my periods of “favourite” work, for example, right now I’m all about taking romantic photos at sunrise of engaged couples in Barcelona. 

Your empowered message for all women which are starting with their dream project?

You never know when will you use the skill you learned. For example, waiting tables taught me the importance of great customer service and I am very grateful for that. Working in marketing also gave me important knowledge what I use in my business. Just because you’re not doing what you’d like to do just yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Learn as much as you can from where you are right now and take one small step each day into the direction you want to do. With time, you’ll get there.

Why makeup makes you feel empowered?

Wearing a good makeup that matches my skin type makes me feel confident. For me, wearing a beautiful makeup is an act of self-care. I don’t hide my beauty – I make it shine and am confident enough to let it be seen by others.