COVID-19 health crisis has had a huge impact in our lives overnight. Some professions will need to take serious measurements in terms of providing a safe and sanitary service. Both the beauty and makeup sector are among them.

What’s the least you should expect from your makeup artist in order to be safe?

A clean and safe makeup kit is not an invention due to Covid-19. It should have always been the number one rule for any makeup artist. It is our responsibility to keep you safe and virus/bacteria-free.

What was my safety protocol for my clients before COVID-19? I have always been strict about that and I will continue to be so from now on:

  • Working when being 100% healthy.
  • Washing my hands before and after doing a makeup and keeping them clean while doing the makeup.
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing the makeup, brushes and my working environment after using them.
  • Using disposables such as mascara wands, lip wands, wedges, cotton rounds and similar.
  • Keeping my kit and my brushes clean all the time.

Now, I have added additional measures to my safety protocol:

  • Informing my clients about my current health condition.
  • Using a first-quality protective equipment (mask, gloves, working clothes…).
  • Going to each client with a sanitary kit (not just with the makeup kit but also with other essentials like towels, paper towels, trash bags, alcohol, and more).

In sum, next time when you book a makeup appointment, make sure your makeup artist is using all these safety measurements, because being healthy and safe is your right. 

Please, let me take the opportunity to send my most sincere condolences to all those who have lost someone in these recent days. I hope you are not among them. Please, stay safe!


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