All about SKIN CARE with Madalena!

Hello brides-to-be! Hello ladies!

My interview guest is Madalena, who will share skin care tips with us, especially designed for the weeks before the wedding.
She is an expert Portuguese cosmetologist who arrived in Barcelona 13 years ago and who experiences with passion the world of cosmetics and beauty. For all these 13 years she has been working in luxury hotels (Leading Hotels) in several countries in Europe. Today she works for the beauty center La Cabine, a Barcelona high standing studio leader in skin care.

1) Are women taking care enough about themselves?

I think unfortunately not. Women are not taking care of themselves from the inside out. 60% of us are focused on treating only the external appearance, many women gives only importance to the visible results, forgetting that the key to success is knowing that beauty goes from the inside out. For this reason, it is important to understand that to achieve our goal we must also include the following cares as:

– Practicing sports.
– Taking care of ourselves at the food level, for example we can use nutritional supplements that have antioxidant properties.
– Getting enough rest.
– Reducing stress levels.
– Having skin care daily routines.

My philosophy is to PREVENT, CORRECT AND PROTECT so that they have radiant skin).

2) You work as a cosmetologist at the beauty center La Cabine. What kind of treatments do you offer?
Our center is famous for its approach to skin care. We offer tailor made treatments. These are applied both in the cabin, and by using customized skin care creams that the client uses at home, after we have performed an exhaustive analysis and diagnosis of her skin. Every woman is different, every skin is different, and therefore, women need customized attention and care.

3) Is that the reason why your whole name is La Cabine Innovative Cosmetics?

Exactly, because we are a unique center with the laboratory “at the street level”, where custom creams are formulated for each skin type. This is why all kinds of people come to us for help and advice: adults of all ages, with all skin types and both women and men.

Let’s talk about brides. Every woman wants to be calm, happy and radiant on her wedding day. What type of skin care do you recommend them before their wedding day (not only for their face, but also for the rest of their body)?

First of all, the most important is the preparation of the skin. Above all I recommend every single bride, to prepare her skin appropriately, before she gets the treatment and the right product, made exclusively for her.
So we would start with a skin cleansing. This is really important, so that all the care that follows is the most effective and gives her the best results in order to achieve a radiant skin.
After the cleansing it is time to feed the skin. We do it with the help of 4 Vitamin C sessions. This is a treatment that provides hydration and luminosity. A well hydrated and clean skin is essential for the optimal result, we are looking for on the wedding day.

Definitely, for a wedding we usually talk less about the rest of the body’s skin. But, if you look at this matter closely, for the wedding day or night, the body’s skin is as important as skin on the face. Therefore, for the body I would also recommend something similar: a body peeling together with a moisturizing mask, for example.
With this, the bride can be sure that the can forget about her skin issues, and now she can take care of other such important things for her wedding, such as finding a good makeup artist.

4) Would you mind sharing with us your 5 cosmetologist tricks to give a bride or any women the good care she deserves?

If you want to give a bride or any women the good cares she deserves, you definitely must: create good contact with her; be sensitive and discover her needs; find out the real condition of her skin; be able to create something exclusively for her; be able to give her a professional service all the time you are helping her.

5) Lovely! Madalena, what I found great in your beauty center is the ‘Customized Cream’. Tell me about it a little bit more.

Actually, at La Cabine we bring together cutting-edge technology and cosmetics. We have our digital skin diagnostic equipment with which we can accurately know what the real needs of each skin are. And once we get the exact results, we already have all the information to be able to create your customized face cream, formulated with the active principles that your skin requires, so that you can take care of it at home and achieve visible and lasting results.

Thank you, Madalena!
Brides to be, I hope that Madalena’s words have helped you to prepare your ‘D’ day.
I will keep looking for other professionals to share their experience and advice with all of you. And if you need any makeup advice, do not hesitate to freely contact me.

Madalena is also an artist, painter!
Her work is amazing, with motives of futurism, which are reflecting through abstract reality.